Find Local Friends with It

With the booming of social networking sites, online chatting becomes an activity that is conducted by millions of people worldwide on daily basis. Today there have been hundreds of social media from small to world-class social media that provide online chatting feature. There are two categories on online chatting that are chatting based on your preferences and chatting on random order. The majority of social networking sites provide online chatting preferences where you can only chat to people who you know.

is one good example for the second category. This website allows the users to chat with strangers. For some people random chatting might be challenging because they can directly connect to strangers from other countries without the long process of introduction as the majority of online networking sites require. is not just a text based online chatting but it includes audio and video chatting features. Random chatting also allows users to find strangers in a specific area. Let’s say you want to find from Tokyo, Japan, then you can narrow your search to Tokyo City.

Other alternative for is and . The purpose is the same with that is to find strangers and start chatting. He difference between these services is on the terms of use.